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Friday, February 08, 2008

Grateful to You!

As far back as I can remember, I have yearned to go to Mexico, and also to Peru. I never could find anyone to go with me, and I wasn't bold enough in those days to go alone. All this changed thanks to online groups and blogs, which opened my life up to wonderful
friendships, as well as adventures. Thank you to all of you!

Peru is calling. Actually, it never stopped calling my name....and, my traveling companion has said the same. I found Doreen in a Yahoo group, but I got to know her from reading her blogs, and by that I mean I got to know her "insides", what she believed, loved, and
wanted, well enough to ask her if she would be interested in going to Macchu Picchu with me. She accepted immediately, and though many people expressed their opinion that I crazy to go off on a 10 trip with someone I had never met, I only thought how much these people were missing in life. To be fully alive means taking risks, and this was not much of one!!! Perhaps, I am naive, but I don't think someone can write a blog over time, and hide who they really are. Sure, the degree to which someone is transparent varies, as it does in person.....but, if one pays a bit of attention, one gets to know the writer quite well.

And now we are going to do it all over again! Yes, we are off to Peru April 30, only this time we are staying longer, and doing more! Yipppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! For both of us, it involves some stretching....but, we believe that's a good thing.

I am also grateful to you who have become my students, friends, fellow artists, spiritual travelers, my teachers, customers, and, now, clients, as well. You have enriched my life more than I can say. Thank you!


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