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Monday, February 25, 2008

More Joy from Anne

One of the most wonderful things about my students is that they they just keep on creating....long after their class in finished.....and sharing their work! Anne made this healing doll for her mother. She writes:

This Joy is about 7" tall. She has a tumbled quartz crystal as her power stone (the central drop on her necklace), because my mom has so many physical challenges and problems I didn't know where to begin. My mom loves to garden, but she can't get out there and work as hard as she used to, so I made a helper for her.

Joy carries her garden with her, and she has lots of garden helpers - a hummingbird, a spider, bees, butterflies and a cat.

Nicely done, Anne, and what a special gift for your Mom.


Blogger Unknown said...

Wow - stunning. Just stunning! Thank you for sharing that.

I am working on my first doll, but already I am overflowing with ideas for other ones. Reading about your newest class and seeing the one Anne did for her mom just added another couple to the list. I feel inspired just coming here and looking at Mai-Liis and other women's art. Thank you so much! --phinny

4:40 AM  

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