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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Vision Mini Quilt class

It's only a month away! This online class through is starting March 7! It's a doll class and much more. I will teach how to make a doll representing yourself as you want to be....a doll which you can attach permanently or by velcro to your fabric "vision-board" which you embellish with your favorite things. The beauty of an online class is that you can proceed at your own pace. At the same time, if you want personalized
help in giving "voice" to your own ideas, I am available in the forum that Joggles sets up.
There you can receive the benefits of personalized assistance.

My classes are never about copying what I've done....though you can, if you wish....but, about color, form, and most of all....developing your creativity while having fun. I assist
students to work from the inside out....often resulting in some happy transformations.
I think this class will open the world of art quilts to you, though this particular project is
very simple.

If this class interests you, I'd like to suggest signing up now so that Joggles is sure to stock
enough supplies for all of you.


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