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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Will Never Do This Again, I swear!

I wonder if I can stop, after doing this for several years? Well, several things, but at the moment I am referring to not be able to leave an idea alone after I have given it to Barbara at Joggles, and students have signed up based on the sample they have seen.

Once again, instead of just the doll which I show on my Vision Mini Quilt Sample, I will be giving you TWO additional doll patterns. Included in the class, will be the basic folk doll you have seen, and also an abstract angel, and a sinuous mermaid.

"I can't help myself.", she whines. Some of you, hopefully, will be delighted. If your fantasy is to swim with the fishies, you will love the mermaid, and doesn't everyone want to be an angel?

Yes, I know how burdensome choices can be. But, doesn't it sound like fun?


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