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Monday, March 03, 2008

More Dolls from Anne!

Anne is a loyal student and a wonderfully creative doll artist. Here she is sharing a healing doll "Joy"which she made for herself. The photo below is of her Tiger Spirit doll, a kit she purchased from me several years ago. Anne says that she finished Tiger some time ago, but only now photographed him.

Anne writes about her "Joy":
Joy is about 7" tall. This isn't my usual color range; I gravitate towards turquoise and purple, but I fell in love with the little red sun face. That made me think of Southwestern colors, and sunsets and night skies, and she came together from there.
Her healing stones are incorporated into her necklace. She also has a bead of the Earth, because she's a cosmic goddess, her hair is like mine (if mine were blue instead of brown, hee), and she has star and moon charms on her belt tassels, a spiderweb to catch bad dreams, and a tiger (my animal totem) and a brown bat because bats are good luck, night animals, and besides, I like them.
It took me a while to get her velvet sleeves right because she didn't like any of the embellishment I tried, but she didn't want them plain. Shisha mirrors and purple seed beads were what finally worked.
She has a winged heart charm holding her loop for hanging, because she needed wings, and I like winged hearts.


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ooo i love your dolls they are so beautiful!

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