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Monday, April 14, 2008

Playing with Friends

With apologies to my friend, Imelda in NYC, who may not at all have been playing when she painted "Seven Heads".

Because Imelda's recent work was inspired by Spanish apocalyptical paintings, smiling may not be in order. Still, I find it both humorous and appropriate to post on TAX Day.

Garnet made my day by sending me this from Florida:
She adds that the manic one is the most beneficial.

I promptly sent this on to everyone who I thought would appreciate it. My favorite comment came from a friend in Hawaii:
"Therapy is extremely popular
popin' bubble wrap is radically cheap
you choose which one helps with your problem
I'm gonna get some sleep!"
~From Jimmy Buffett's "I Don't Know & I Don't Care"! :)

Here's to friends, the internet, and fun....all of which have enriched my life so incredibly!


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