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Monday, June 02, 2008

Flying Lessons

Success! I watched them all week-end, which is my current excuse for not getting much done. They were sitting on the very edge of the nest, and some were flapping their wings.

Yesterday, the two parents sat on the roof nearby, urging the babies to fly, by flying the short distance between the nest and the edge of the roof over and over.

It's been less than 3 weeks since the 4 babies hatched, but they were now much too large to fit
the nest.....; Not only that, but, mommy and daddy made it pretty plain that it was time for them to get their own food. They quit feeding them! And, unlike human parents, they did not give in to the babies' loud demands.

This morning when I got up and looked out of the glassed portion of my front door, this is what I saw! They are out of the nest! I'm so happy, you'd think I was their mom!:-)

As of this afternoon, the four are tucked back into their nest, and mom and dad are bringing food. So, it was all about flying lessons. It would be kind of nice to be a bird......


Blogger Jody said...

These little guys are two cute, we still have their nests from previous owners....these are lovely birds who eat tons & tons of bugs, even though their droppings are not so fun.

5:55 PM  

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