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Friday, August 15, 2008

Free-form Bracelet

A good friend sent me a copy of how to make a bracelet from "false starts". It is only now, on rereading her note, that I see she thinks it looks like "something the cat dragged in".:-) I think it's rather wonderful! Then again, I would never call myself a beader.

How to Create This Freeform Bracelet

1. When you're making any beadwork project, keep all your false starts, mistakes, and general "dogs". If possible, leave the tails long. I just throw mine in a plastic zip bag.

2. Sort the bits of beadwork into colorways. Experiment with alternate palettes. If it’s helpful, pull out a color wheel to get ideas.

3. Start arranging the pieces into a line that will fit your wrist. It’s helpful if the edges more or less match, but it’s not crucial. If you have a wide piece you want to incorporate but no pieces to fit it, try matching it with two smaller ones. This is the part of the process that takes the longest. It’s like putting together a puzzle.

4. Use the tail threads to stitch the pieces together. You don’t have to be perfect here—you just need to make tight, clean connections with little thread showing. If you don’t have enough tail thread to use, just start a new thread on one of the pieces as you would with any project.

5. Use the bits of beadwork to make a button/loop clasp or use "new" beads to make one.


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