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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Surreal Eden

These photos are of Las Pozas, the estate of the late Edward James in Mexico. I discovered this magical place quite by accident, and am now researching whether it might be worth a trip. It is supposedly in ruin, overgrown by jungle. That would make it a bit too creepy for my taste!

I am presently enjoying it vicariously by reading the book "Surreal Eden" by Margaret Hooks. It's fascinating what a creative mind....just a bit "tweaked"..... can create with a huge amount of money!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found you through Carol Weibe's post today on her blog - I am off to find this book. If you have never visited, you might enjoy Luna Parc in New Jersey (which you can only visit virtually)... learned of him from a contractor I worked for and have since been gifted with one of his dragon pins by my husband for an anniversary. But his house is magical too!

8:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you're enjoying my book & thanks so much for mentioning it in your blog. Las Pozas is a wonderful place to visit & I hope you get a chance to go there soon...
Btw, I have signed copies of the book for sale, people can contact me at if they are interested.
Margaret Hooks

10:19 AM  

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