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Thursday, October 30, 2008


I have to admit that I like Halloween less and less all the time. Yes, I am one of those Grinches that turns out all the lights in the front part of the house, retreats to the back and reads a good book.

Even when my children were little....though I hid my dislike of Halloween from them, and even made them (I thought) fabulous costumes.....I detested the shopping bags full of candy. What's to like about hyper kids and dental caries?:-(

These days my mind is on angels, not the angels of the Bible, but angels as symbols for Peace, Love, and Protection.

Whether you prefer Halloween ghouls to angels is a personal matter.....What really counts, I think, is that we do whatever we do in joy.


Blogger Georgina said...


I'm an old grinch too. We haven't turned our lights on in quite a few years. Most of the neighbors are the original owners of their homes and a bit too old to care about Halloween. I do love the Day of the Dead, though. Tonight we're going to a "Muerto Party" and I'm dressing up as "La Llorona," of course!! Last night we went out to dinner with my youngest son, Ian and our grandson, Aiden. His parents gave us his costume to wear out, a sock monkey, and he was quite a hit at the eartery, plus he love beans and rice...he's only 7 months and such a good baby...lucked out on that one!!

I love angels too, but I'm so bogged down with work these days, that I know I couldn't get one done anytime soon...perhaps next year though. Take care.


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