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Sunday, October 05, 2008


Like most artists, I am very interested in symbols.
I think even a rudimentary knowledge of symbology, can enrich our artworks, as well as enable us to see the deeper layers of the art of others. What is so fascinating is that many symbols are universal, shared by many cultures across the ages.

The Celts and other ancient peoples are thought to have used spirals as symbols of the sun, source of all life. The spiral is also used to symbolize the progress of the soul.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am in complete agreement about symbology. Perhaps the rose, and its connection to sacrifice, has been hidden for a reason. It is not necessary to plummet the depths of sacrifice, because your focus is on abundance. Sacrifice often seems contrived and manipulative (the classic parental lament to children about how much they've sacrificed for them, so they should do what their parents want then to). But if you put purity and sacrifice together, it can be a beautiful thing to give up something for someone else out of sheer love, with no expectations attached. Of course, one can argue that if a person truly wanted what you gave up for her, she could get it anyway, for herself! Life is definitely an adventure in learning!

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