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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Beings of Light

During each of our journeys, there are those inevitable moments when someone comes into our life at precisely the right time and says or does precisely the right thing. Their words or actions may help us perceive ourselves more clearly, remind us that everything will turn out for the best, help us cope, or see us through difficult situations. These people are human angels – individuals designated by the universe to be of service to those in need at specific points in time. All human angels, however, come into our lives when we least expect them and when we can most benefit from their presence.

A few of the human angels we may encounter are in professions where helping others is an everyday occurrence. But most of them are regular people, going about their daily lives until called upon to be in the right place at the right time to bring peace, joy, help, or heal someone when they most need it.

You may have met a human angel in the form of a teacher who gave you a piece of advice that touched your soul and influenced your path. The person that momentarily stopped you to say hello on the street, delaying you long enough to avoid an oncoming car or a collision, is also a human angel. They may offer nothing more than a kind word or a smile, but they will offer it when you can draw the most strength and support from their simple action.

You may be a human angel yet not know it. Your fate or intuition may guide you toward other people’s challenging or distressing situations, leading you to infer that you simply have bad luck.

But recognizing yourself as a human angel can help you deal with the pain you see and understand that you are there to help and comfort others during their times of need. Human angels give of their inner light to all who need it, coming into our lives and often changing us forever. Their task has its challenges, but it is they that have the power to teach, bring us joy, and comfort us in times of despair. (The Daily OM)


Blogger Mary McAndrew said...

Hi Chaska,
I thought this sounded familiar, I remember reading it on Daily OM, a nice one. Do you ever think you might be an angel at times to someone else? Sometimes I think when I travel in a dream and help someone...makes me think...are we angels too?

1:09 PM  
Blogger Chaska Peacock said...

I think we are all placed where we are needed most all the time, but I don't think that makes us angels, does it? Then again, if those in the right spot for being of much needed help are not angels, then what ARE angels? Can you tell I don't subscribe to one having to die and be given wings? :-)

6:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have come across these people in my life and remember being touched by them vividly.

2:38 PM  
Blogger Gena Lumbroso said...

Thanks for the reminder. I love walking amongst angels, and even feeling I am one at times. This is very lovely. Thanks for sharing it.

12:54 AM  

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