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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Prosperity Dolls from Class

This regal properity doll was created by Orinda Spence

This beautiful doll is by Linda Greiss.
The skirt detail shows strips of hand-written
affirmations for prosperity.

What I enjoy so much about my classes is the creativity each person bring to their own unique piece.

DJ Eggert's Prosperity Doll

The artist writes:
Unlimited wishes could be mine for the asking. Never ending stash came immediately to mind -- after world peace and abundance for all, of course. I could wish for the moon. Instead I opted for the world on a silver platter (that ought to cover about anything).

A magical genie! Prosperity by Nancilyn Kroushl.

Gena writes:
First of all, I had to decide what color prosperity was to me. Immediately, green came to mind. I went through my materials and found the handspun yarns. Yes, that held a feeling of prosperity for me. But the doll, was I to paint her? Give her green undergarments? And then I landed on a piece of white silk. I folded it and whirled it for some time before I found the way it best "flowed". And that was it, I decided what mattered to me most was just simply, "flow". When you are in the flow, you are always in the right spot at the right time with the right amount of time and money to accomplish whatever is right for the moment... So yes, flow, would bring me my prosperity.

Now flow is neither too much, nor too little... The doll has "harnessed" feet like those of a dancer, flowing across the stage. They are always in step and never hurry, nor tarry...

Other prosperous details: Her golden crown, she reflects back my royal, divine self. She is holding a $1M bill on her Right arm and a magic wand in her left arm, both symbols of flow and prosperity.

She is wearing a shawl of "light" and has a ribbon with musical notes around her neck as music is an integral part of my prosperous life. There is a clover for good luck on her skirt and she is wearing a belt with a golden heart, a love charm, a moon for the divine feminine and key, for unlocking and using inner resources. Her white robe is trimmed in green sequined Indian trim. She is also wearing a necklace of Peridot crystals, which symbolizes rebirth. On her back is a butterfly for transformation and a guiding angel. She is bedecked with beautiful silk flowers... Look out 2009, here we come!
Gena Lumbroso's fabulous "Flow-er" doll

Sue Kurowski's exuberant Prosperity Doll

Susan Hackbarth's richly embellished Prosperity Doll

Alyce Unger's Prosperity Doll, rich with hand-dyed finery and and personal symbols.

Detail from Alyce's doll. :-)

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