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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Update from the Studio

Things here are calming down after a frenzy of activity. I had only one week to do a 19 page scrapbook for a cat rescue organization...and it became somewhat of a slog after the first few pages, probably because there was no time to make it a bit different.....I don't much care for traditional. Still, I was pleased with the layout of the final product. Here you see part of Sophie's page. (I adopted Sophie from this organization.)

Georgina Diaz and I began the Steampunk Doll class, and after I clean the studio up a bit and get caught up with those mundane chores which life requires, I am back in the studio...hopefully, to experiment! That's the plan: A long hot summer of experimentation.

P.S. Cat-Lady found a buyer. I am shipping her tomorrow.


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