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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Oaxaca Street Children

Remember the shrine auction to benefit the street children of Oaxaca that Rebecca of recuerda mi corazon sponsored?

Here is your opportunity to plan on participating this year! This cause is dear to my heart, as I've been to Oaxaca and seen these children who live on the street like stray dogs. There is no welfare in Mexico.

Rebecca writes:
the monies raised from our shrine auction have been presented to Oaxaca Streetchildren Grassroots. i have just received an update from a board member and i thought you would appreciate reading this.
"Just back from Oaxaca. Economically things are the worse I have seen them. Some businesses I am familiar with have closed, more kids are on the street, and everyone told me how tough it was to get by. On the brighter side, things at the center seemed to be going quite well. We have a new coordinator there, her name is Pilar. Thus far she seems to doing a great job and the kids and staff are happy. Financially things continue to be a challenge. We are having problems with the roof that we have to get repaired or replaced to protect the kindergarten and computer lab. With the help of folks like you and you generous help you provided with the auction I expect we will be able to do so. I am hopeful that we will be able to continue to increase enrollment in the program as the need is so great and I expect, will increase."
as soon as i read this i felt the strength of our combined efforts coming together to form a roof of protection around these children. and...i felt the need to begin again.
it was a simple idea and look what we have achieved. thank you for answering the call, for being moved by the idea of art tranforming the lives of others. and cannot turn in any direction in this world we share, without seeing a real and compelling need. many of you joined me for these children because our lives have been so richly transformed from our own experiences in mexico.
what ever the underlining reason for your generosity, this is a thank you straight from my heart and an invitation to join me once again to help these children. i have spoken with stephanie hilvitz and she has welcomed the idea of the next shrine auction "opening" as part of her Dia de Los Bloglandia. this will help increase viewers to this years auction world wide. this also gives us three months to ruminate and create a shrine. this year i will have everyone keep their shrines and submit several photographs to be included in a "shrine gallery" for the auction. when the auction is complete you can then send your shrine on to the recipient. this will simplify the process and quarantee that the photos of your work will be reflective of your personal flair and style. i am sorting out the presentation ideas but hope to have an artist page for each participant complete with artist statement, personal photograph, bio, link and several shots of your shrine.

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Anonymous rebecca said...

thank you, how heart warming to find you spreading the word for these children!

so glad to know you are right beside me on this.

let's make this years effort a powerful one for streetchildren of oaxaca.

7:46 AM  

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