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Friday, November 13, 2009

I Was Hispanic

I was born in Estonia, a northern European country, but I am so drawn to all the Spanish speaking countries!  I love the passion, music, saturated color and art.  The only possible explanation for this could be past life....right?  Until I had the experience of feeling like I had come home when I went to Mexico and, also, Peru, for the first time, I definitely did not buy the idea of past lives.  Now, I think it's quite possible.

These two wall hangings are available form one of my most favorite stores in Austin, El Interior.

I have hit a dry spell, in spite of being so excited about all the goodies I brought back from the Houston Quilt show.  Maybe I'm in "overwhelm", still digesting all the wonderful things I saw.  Or, maybe it's the commission piece I need to do before I allow myself to have fun......


Blogger Gena Lumbroso said...

Probably just a gestation period, if I know you ;) Thanks for posting all the beautiful eye candy on your site!

10:31 AM  
Blogger Georgina said...

Love the wood panels. I was very lucky to grow up where I experienced both sides. I loved spending the weekend with my grandparents who lived in quiet, safe Cd. Juarez at the time. I'd go to the mercado with my grandmother and they all knew her...she'd call out "marchante, que tienes hoy?" "Merchant, what do you have today?" And he'd go into his new items or others with their fresh fruits and veggies. My favorite was the spiceman. He sold all sorts of exotic spices and herbs all in large apothecary jars. Also, loved the candy lady and watching the Indian women making fresh tortillas from the grounding of corn to the finished product. I loved walking out of there with our little newspaper coned goodies in our shopping bags. Wonderful memories! When I got married, the first time, I went to the mercado with a friend and I went to the spice man and I bought all sorts of spices and herbs. Unfortunately, I forgot what most were for so I asked my grandmother...she identified some and others she had no idea so she recommended I just take a bath with them!! LOL

11:56 AM  

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