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Thursday, May 06, 2010


I want to introduce my new assistant, Issey Miyake, to you. He is a lilac short haired Balinese, and related to Santino. So far, he isn't showing much interest in art, but I'm sure that will come.....

While in the DC area where Issey's devoted human birth parents live, I also had the pleasure of meeting Judy, the owner of Artistic Artifacts...what a wonderful store!!!.... I did not intend to buy anything as I had recently placed several internet orders.....but did, and now wish I had bought more. Not only is the store a mixed media or fiber artist's dream, it is also full of eye candy.

I finally got to see one of Linda Morgan's beautiful angels. You can see her work here. I will always be grateful to Linda for helping me find Kathlyn Avila-Reyes whose work I'd admired online. Yes, I actually met Kathlyn!!! More on that in another post.

The drawing for 4 collage sheets is this Saturday, May 8! We will continue the drawing on the same sheets also on May 15, May 22, and 29th. So, if you don't win this Saturday, you will have 3 more chances for these same sheets. I want everyone to be a winner!

If enthusiasm warrants, we will continue giving 4 different collage sheets away in June, as well!

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Blogger Georgina said...

Issey is just gorgeous. Love Animal Planet and there's a series called Cats 101. Yesterday it was about a collection of exotic cats and the Balinese was one of them.

Glad your DC experience was so abundant and fun. Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend...will be spending mine with my mother, sis and niece who flew down from Phoenix, brother and his family and of course, my Ian, my constant companion, for the exception of my honey!! LOL

10:29 AM  
Blogger Gina said...

What a beautiful assistant! Put him to work as a blank canvas--he IS white! (just kidding! ha ha)

12:57 PM  

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