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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another Version

Whenever I switch from doing one art form, it takes me a while to "get into the flow" of it. It is when I arrive at almost a hypnotic state that I do work that I like. In the beginning of something new....something I haven't done for a while....there is too much paying attention, too much fiddling around....perhaps, not enough of the right kind of supplies.

I took the previous counter-weighted necklace apart, but then wound up reusing only a few of the beads. I am happier with this, more "beefy" piece. The beads are much larger in scale, but the necklace is still comfortable to wear because of the counter-weight. Also, I am using definite "repeats" and a few black onyx beads to give contrast. I have two more to do, and then I'm done, I think. My kitty, Issey, likes jewelry making WAY too much! :-)


Blogger Anne D said...

I like the design, and I love the color.

10:12 PM  

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