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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Counter-weighted Necklace

The project: Create a custom necklace to work with a tropical print t-shirt. The customer has neck and back pain and is bothered by the weight of anything but the lightest jewelry.

The solution is a longer necklace with a counter weight in the back. The piece is worn further back than an ordinary necklace, and stays there.
The larger and heavier the beads are, the heavier the back 'balance piece' needs to be. This not only works like magic, but looks beautiful from the back as well as from the front.

Be careful what you name your studio assistant. My Issey Myake fancies himself to be expert in jewelry. At first I was amused by his checking out my audition of beads. But then.... strand of small blue beads is removed from the mix. It's a good thing the customer is crazy for cats!

Issey came running out of "nowhere" and slipped into the photo. It's not the camera he loves, it's the necklace.

I created a simple counter-weight of 3 strings in keeping with the simplicity of the front. The more elaborate the body of the necklace is, the heavier the back needs to be, both for actual and also visual weight.



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