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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Plays Well With Others

I cannot create in a group. For me, visiting with people and watching what they are doing is absolutely irresistible. So I was curious about my friend, artist Nona Parry's recent experience. She was kind enough to write this guest post:

Because art is such an individual response to ideas, thoughts, environment, and events, Arting tends to be a rather solitary practice. And when the art one makes is wildly different from that made in one's physical community, solitude can become remoteness.

This is something I find living in New Zealand. The Tribe I identify with are under-represented in Wellington. So while I'm Stateside for seven months, I am eager to meet and make art with those who are on my own wavelength.

Recently, I spent two days with a pair of dear art-friends in SoCal. There are so many advantages to Arting with empathetic others! Probably the most obvious is the sharing of techniques. Not only do I get to try out new-to-me techniques, but to share what we've learned in experimenting for ourselves; learning a faster, simpler, more
ergonomic way to do something is a major benefit of Arting with others!

Another benefit is sharing supplies and resources. Trading supplies creates access to unique or unusual components [I brought shells and vintage items from New Zealand], and group-buys reduces the financial outlay for everyone.

But the best benefit of Arting with others is the camaraderie and support we share! With multiple imaginations working, there are no mistakes that cannot be altered or covered, or made a feature of! "What if..." is such a fertile group game, with prolific and inspiring results!

I love this photo of Nona !

Bezel resin charms



Blogger Lori Z. said...

As one of Nona's So Cal playmates, I heartily agree with everything she says here. And I'd like to add that is just amazing FUN to work alongside other artists who share your enthusiasm for a given art form. I mean, really, how many of the people in your life get worked up about resin??

11:00 AM  
Blogger Chaska Peacock said...

Oh, I LOVE spending time with other artists! It's just that I can't focus on work when in a group.

Good to hear from you! Could I talk you into writing about resin?

12:08 PM  
Blogger weezie said...

i am not an artist, but i love hanging out with artists. The creativity is inspiring ... no matter the form .. words, paint, landscape ...

7:16 PM  

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