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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Artsy Cats

I like to play with my cats and I aso play with art. Sometimes, it's fun to combine the two. I printed 3 separate photos on ordinary paper, backed them with lightweight board, and then cut out the shapes. Cat paper dolls, my favorite!:-) I placed them on a painted background and scanned them. I worked on this image a bit with colored pencils and scanned it again, resulting in this image.

Once the cat cut-out has been created, it can be place on any background of choice. Here I have used my cat, Rudy, as a design element on this graphic. Or, one can allow the cat to do the placement himself! Lucky is the this case, I....who has several beautiful spots and cats who like to arrange themselves within these.

I am just a bit closer to creating a cat ala Rodrigues' Blue Dog......I have chosen Sophie (above) as the cat, and, so far, but I don't know about turning her into "Purple Cat". I may have to call her something else. And, that's how these things work. I start with an idea, but then there are many transformations before something new is born. I am still 'incubating'.

It took me a while to realize that I was sharing something which is now done by many...if not most...of you by using PhotoShop. lol



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