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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Craft Fair, Tanzania Style

Perhaps my greatest pleasure in visiting a country is seeing indigenous art. I believe I may have been spoiled by choosing to make Oaxaca, Mexico my first country to visit.:-) The beadwork of the Maasai of Tanzania is colorful and joyful, but I was a bit disappointed by its sameness. Innovation and creativity does not seem to be part of the culture.

To be fair, I wasn't there because of the country's arts, and if I were a beader, I may have learned something....but I found myself longing to do some creativity workshops with these ladies. :-)

These bracelets, in different colors, but otherwise exactly alike were sold by the Maasai women, but also available in every shop selling souvenirs.

This is a very simple version of a wired neckpiece worn by the Maasai.


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