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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Abundance of Inspiration

Three projects ago, I started off with a completely cleaned off work table. Instead of this making things easier, I was surprised to discover that the opposite was true. I had to stop constantly and get items I needed from their designated storage places. Near completion of the project, everything was back on the table and I had very little space in which to work. :-)

I put all paper related things away, and began the second project. Now I had to bring all the plastic bins to the table so I could look through them for just the right things I needed for the Mekuna Metata doll. Frustrating and time consuming. I used to know where everything was until the major clean-up.

The third project brought yet more stuff to the table.:-) (There was much overlap in what I needed, and so I only put fabric away.) Non-artists would undoubtedly call my table "a mess", but I call this happy jumble "abundance of inspiration"! Another lesson in perception! And, Issey, my studio assistant, is happy and very busy, also.


Blogger Gloria Grandy said...

Love this post. I cleaned my workspace last week too and now my creativity is in limbo and I'm trying to get it started again.

I have been using today to really visit some of the blogs I follow and have absolutely enjoyed yours. I will visit often.


9:57 PM  

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