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Thursday, January 02, 2014

God's Art

This is my new passion!  His name is Quincy and is a bundle of sweet goodness.  I adopted him from the Austin Sheltie Rescue, and he is an active, sweet and loving 8 years old.  I have not done any art since he came into my life.........

In the beginning, he jumped every time I brushed up against him, and barked pretty much non-stop.  I feared that I'd made a big mistake.  I was familiar with the goofiness of Golden Retrievers, and THIS dog was very serious and LOUD!  We enrolled in training, and I discovered that it was I who needed it.  :)  He followed all the commands flawlessly from the start!  And, it turns out, he has a great sense of humor!  He is also very nice about being smarter than I am!

No, he has not replaced art.  I am beginning to miss it.


Blogger Jody said...

Hi Chaska, Jody here from New Mexico, I am tickled that you have a dog, they can be great companions and give hours of love and joy. Wondering how your cats are doing with the new pal. We now have 4 cats...I am on FaceBook under Jotee Shields...hugs Jody

8:34 AM  

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