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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hard Working Studio

Here you can see one of my assistants, Miki.  He has 
emptied the bag from Michaels' and is now wearing it.  It's a wonder none of my cats have ever gotten hurt on my table, and for this I am grateful.
My work table sans assistant.  Is my work space ever neat?  Oh, I think it was...True Confession...a few years ago.. Artists create art, which is order of a different kind.
Once upon four years ago, this storage wall held it all, but then I started doing assemblage, and that's when I ran out of space.  And yet I know that if I took the time...away from creating art.... I could find a space for it all. 



Blogger Georgina said...


Try explaining that to my mother. She hates going into my studio...has no idea how I can find anything or work in there. I told her the last time I cleaned up and did some so called "organizing" it took me hours to find anything!!! So I just leave things alone. I have a doggie bed under my work table for my little Maya who likes to join me on occasions. I suggest you leave it the way it is...cats and all!!

10:02 AM  

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