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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I have taken the advice of my customers, and am revising this site. Still left to do is for me to upload the shrines and assemblages that are available for purchase. You'll be able to see them in them in the Alchemy Shop. It should be much easier to differentiate between what is available and what has been sold (as the work in the Galleries). But, the big news is that after many years away from professional photography, I am once again producing and selling high quality prints!
The prints will be shipped matted to fit into a standard over-the-counter 12" x 15" frame.

Classes: I continue to teach online classes for Joggles. You still have time to sign up for my no-sew wrapped art doll class beginning August 1st!!! You will be
able to do this at your own pace. I am hoping for lots of comments and sharing in the forum! Some of you may not realize how far in advance these classes are planned!!! Today, I
committed myself for the winter segment, already.

As most of you know, I give private workshops in my home more than 2 people at
a time. When I moved into this house, I had planned on offering two day workshops, where
guest students could be immersed in creative play, as well as receive a bit of pampering.
They would, however, have to like cats, as my 3 adore having company. I had forgotten all
about this idea until I was contacted, and we will have the first art retreat here mid September!
I am really looking forward to it! :-)

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