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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Seeking Balance

I am not quite finished with this piece, yet. It's so much easier to do art every day than it is to do it only occasionally...which is what's been going on for me in the last few months. I am either "in the flow" with one thing or another, but I have not yet learned how to do this with several things at once.

First of all, there is the matter of materials....what do I have to work with? I was delighted to find the plastic hair comb "thingie" which I spray-painted antique gold and which makes a perfect halo-like head-piece. Several things I found in my stash came together perfectly, but I need more....much more! I have been selling off supplies, and not buying more.
Not a good thing.

Discovering that I don't have what I need to finish this iconographic doll, I have come to believe that when it comes to art supplies, it's much better to have way too much, than not enough stuff. :-)

Speaking of buying stuff, if there is anything you'd like from either my Stash, or the Alchemy shop, I am closed July 30 to August 15. I will be visiting family and friends in California.:-)

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Blogger Gena Lumbroso said...

You icon doll is another hit. Come on now, I don't buy it one bit that you don't have supplies enough to complete it. Having tons of goodies is great fun, but look how resourceful you were with the comb! Sometimes getting down to the bare necessities is good... and then comes the excitement of restocking. That too is delightful.

Hope your vacation was just grand!

12:18 PM  
Blogger Chaska Peacock said...

Ah...dear Gena....When I'm in "the flow" I just reach for items, but in this case, I am stuck. I only know that I want it to be metal in an antique gold. which I want to put around the bottom. Stay tuned. I'll get it, yet.

2:31 PM  
Anonymous Col @ life by muse said...

Oh, this is soooo beautiful! It just *feels* good looking at it, thank you for sharing your work with the world.

3:22 PM  

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