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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Two New Box Shrines

"The Alchemist" refers to all agents of change, be they chemists, shamans, or artists. This was my first assemblage in many months, and I had a rough time working in a cleaned up studio. It is "well seasoned" now.:-) I work best in organized chaos which to someone else might look like a "total mess". It's a good thing I don't feel that way about the rest of the house!

When I was in Tanzania I saw hundreds upon hundreds of zebras, and learned that each one was different. Looking at groups of them, it's easy to see them as being the same, but really looking at individuals it's easy to see that each one has a unique striping pattern. And, so it is for the rest of us. "No Two Alike" is the name of the piece.

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Blogger Gloria Grandy said...

Love your box shrines. What a great way to have a portable shrine that could fit almost anywhere.


9:31 PM  

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